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There is no more compelling speaker than Kamal. Her personal story is unparalled in abuse as well as her will to survive for her and her children. She has grown into a thriver, reclaiming her dignity as a person, and she has taken her harrowing experience and become a powerful speaker Her message for all? I am enough – YOU are enough! Reclaim the great dignity of being a person. She is the voice of encouragement to those who are victims of violence and bullying. She is the voice of wisdom to first responders. She is the voice of impact to perpetrators. Her talks and workshops address all three areas of the power dynamic that leads to violence and bullying -  the bullied, the bully, and the bystanders. She will inspire and call to action any audience to play their part in the restoration of justice.

She has spoken at: 
• Churches
• Government on Immigration
• Social Justice
• Schools in their social justice programs
• International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC
• Women’s Prison

Kamal has spoken at home and internationally, including India and the US, wherever her voice is needed, and wherever she is invited. Whether there is a need for a small group or large, an hour or a weekend, this big voice in a small body will find a way to inspire change in those who hear her.

Her message is simple: “My story isn’t a failure and neither is yours!” 

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Kamal sees her primary role as educating people about the devastating effects of domestic violence.  It is not just the abused that suffer, but the negative effects of domestic abuse radiate out into society in ways we are unaware of. Education is key in understanding these far reaching effects. Knowledge is power, and domestic violence is about power imbalance. Women and children are more vulnerable to being on the wrong side of any imbalance of power, whether it be economic, emotional or physical threat. That is why Kamal is tireless in her drive to educate through her personal story. People do not leave domestic violence situations on their own. It may mean the involvement of services or agencies, but sometimes all it takes is for one person to help the woman to know that she is worthy of care and worthy to be free from fear. That means we ALL have a part to play in ending abuse. It touches every life. When people are educated and have knowledge, they can no longer say, “I didn’t see… it is not my problem.” Knowledge IS power! Power is agency for positive change!

Kamal has educated:
• Over 1,500 RCMP and City police policers.
• Over 200 Masters Counselling students at Trinity Western University
• Over 5,000 frontline workers, counsellors, politicians, lawyers, professors and judges
• Over 100 physicians and residents at the UBC faculty for Medicine
• 1,000 leaders from across Canada and the US at the BC Leadership prayer breakfast
• Delivered talks at the parliamentary committee on Immigration in Ottawa to approximately 80 politicians from all parties.
• Presented at the Justice Conference in Ottawa to about 300 lawyers and police officers
• Presented to over 2,000 high school students

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Kamal’s story has garnered the interest of many people and communities. Aside from speaking and educating around the world, she has been asked to consult with several agencies, most notably, the Justice Institute of BC.  She has consulted with police, police trainers, politicians, social workers and first responders. She has spoken of the need for bridging the gap between diverse cultural communities and law enforcement agencies, increasing the understanding of how certain cultures use violence in the name of honor.

Kamal has:
• Provided a “do - not do" list.
• Instructed on how NOT to interview the victim in the presence of the family 
• Created detailed security plan and risk assessment for the victim
• Created a plan of escape for the victim

Most significantly, Kamal has been consulted on an increasingly reported issue, namely, “honor-based” violence and killing (HBV). This is an extremely complex issue that needs more awareness. There is a need to draw attention to the prevention of HBV,  as well as investigation into the nature of it. Individuals who commit such crimes justify their actions through their own interpreted ideologies and beliefs about getting rid of the shame of abuse. The perpetrator perceives the crime is necessary or acceptable to protect and defend the honour of their family or even their community. 

In all domestic abuse, not just HBV, there are key areas that she has consulted on. They are the burning questions that people ask, but are so difficult to answer:
• Why do victims stay?
• Why do victims not  trust the police or social workers?
• Why do we protect our abusers?

It is imperative that first responders and service providers comprehend the complexity of abusive relationships and learn what Trauma Bonding looks like, and learn to gain the trust of the victims and help them move forward. In short, that we demonstrate that you, the service provider are NOT the enemy. As a consultant Kamal can accompany you through the myriad of dynamics that you will have to navigate in order to help victims get out, get safe, and move forward.

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