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There is no more compelling speaker than Kamal. Her personal story is unparalled in abuse and in her will to survive for her and her children. She has grown into a thriver, reclaiming her dignity as a person, she has taken her harrowing experience and become a powerful speaker. Her message for all? I am enough – YOU are enough! Reclaim the great dignity of being a person. She is a voice of encouragement to those who are victims of violence and bullying. She is the voice of wisdom to first responders. She is a voice of impact to perpetrators. Her talks and workshops address all three areas of the power dynamic that leads to violence and bullying - the bullied, the bully, and the bystanders. She will inspire and call to action any audience to play their part in the restoration of justice.

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abuse thrives only in silence - talk about it.
~ Kamal Dhillon